Things that happened

A very bullet-y list of things that happend in 2017.


SFO (01/27-29)

A quick trip to visit friends and see the zoo.

MSP (02/11-19)

A week long trip to ‘interview’ Minneapolis/St. Paul with dreams of working remotely. Saw friends, did some stuff.

Panama (05/17-26)

An excursion to Panama with my family.

Denver (12/26-28)

Killing a few days seeing a friend I haven’t seen in ages.

Hikes worth Remembering

These aren’t the only hikes I went on but they were the most memorable.

Life events


My apartment in Fremont got burgled. Lost many small electronics, laundry quarters, a pocket knife. That led directly to the next bit which is.

Home purchase

I bought a house. Larger than I actually need but its nice for having visitors in the future.

Change in site (wordpress => github pages)

For the first time since I started hosting my own site, I’m moving away from Wordpress. Its a useful piece of software but heavy weight for the things I need. Instead, using github pages. We’ll see how that goes. If it ends up not being quite what I need from a customization perspective, then I’ll look at running a static site generator directly on AWS I think.