• Smoke a brisket.


  • Temp control on the BGE
  • decent smoke


  • 15lbs packer brisket purchased from CostCo
  • salt
  • lump charcoal
  • hickory chips for smoking


  • Trimmed cap & separated into flat & point.
  • Salted brisket well. No rub applied which is a bit horrible but fine for my first attempt.
  • Put on BGE at roughly 250F, indirect heat, with hickory wood chips for smoking.


  • took about 45 minutes to bring BGE up very slowly to the temp I wanted. Was very careful not to overshoot and have been checking temp every 10-15 minutes.
  • On at 0830. Off at 1700. Internal temp of flat was 197. Internal temp of point was about 193.
  • Pulled off grill to rest and covered with foil on small sheet pan.


  • meat was a bit over done. Not horrible but not super moist.
  • a clearly observable smoke ring.
  • for nothing more than salt, its pretty tasty on its own.
  • day after is perhaps better. A bit of time cooling allowed some of the extra tough bark to soften.