• Smoke a pork shoulder for pulled pork


  • Temp control on the BGE
  • decent smoke
  • Pulled pork I can eat all week long.


  • 13lbs pork shoulder purchased from CostCo
  • yellow mustard
  • Just Cook Ancho Chicken Rub
  • lump charcoal
  • hickory chips for smoking


  • CostCo shoulder has bones removed and was in two loose parts. Trussed into two portions with butcher’s twine in order to keep things cohesive. Didn’t do much trimming as the portions of fat I’d have likely removed were helping to bind some portions together due to the bone removal.
  • Rubbed in yellow mustard
  • Coated with the Ancho Chicken Rub
  • Put on BGE at roughly 225F, indirect heat, with hickory wood chips for smoking
  • On at 07:15. Off at 14:45. Final temp on grill was 198 and the probe slid in out of the meat easily.


  • Put the indirect plate in early to come up to temp but then had to remove it in order to add hickory. This resulted in some significant flare up on the grill. Next time, add the smoking wood earlier to prevent losing coal & having to cool down again.



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