• BGE lump charcoal
  • Hickory & Cherry chunks
  • 15lbs packer brisket from Costco
  • Central Market house blend barbecue rub
  • Bone Broth


  • Trim up the brisket. Separate the point & the flat.
  • Inject both liberally with a mixture of bone broth and beef broth
  • Coat liberally with the rub (moisture from injection worked well to adhere)
  • Smoke for 6 hours between 225 and 275.
  • Wrap in foil and put back on grill for another 2 hours.
  • Unwrap and let the bark dry back out.
  • Cube the point, toss them in sauce made from drippings out of foil, Sweet Baby Rays and Hak’s Habanero Pineapple
  • Put cubes back on grill for roughly an hour at low temp while flat rested.


  • The burnt ends turned out well.
  • The flat was definitely better than the last brisket attempt.


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