• Royal Oak lump charcoal
  • Hickery chunks
  • 1lbs chicken wings
  • Spiceologist Chile Margarita rub


  • Rinse & dry off wings
  • lightly spray wings with vegetable oil
  • put wings into ziplock bag with about 1/3 jar of rub & toss
  • Let rest for about an hour while lighting the grill


  • First time I get to use my new iGrill 2. Using a probe in a wing, in a drumette, and an ambient probe.
  • Took about 40 minutes for the first probe to trigger. Moved from an outer to inner piece of meat and they went another 10 minutes.
  • Head temp from grill analog thermometer vs grate level ambient probe showed a greater delta than I’d expected.


  • Meat is clearly done without being overly done or dry.
  • Holy hell, smokey. May actually be too smoked for me. Used 2 or 3 big chunks of hickory. Next time one small chunk for even a larger batch.
  • There’s too much rub on any individual wing and the rub isn’t great. Don’t think I’ll use it again. Has a weird tang to it, probably from the orange peel. Next time I’ll brush off any excess so that there’s not clumps of it on the meat and add less to the bag to start with.