Creaks & Groans

During times of temperature change the house can be pretty chatty.

Shared beverages

Beverages on the counter in the dining room are open for consumption. Beverages in the cupboard are restricted; please get permission before consuming.


If you need to inhale something which requires burning or vaporizing, take it out to the patio.


The house is on a septic system, not connected to the city sewer. Please be especially careful about what goes down the drain; only human waste & water should make it out to the tank.

The toilets can be a bit fussy. There is no need to hold down handles. Please be careful or toilets can end up running for a while. This can be fixed by just tapping the handles. If you notice water running, please shut it off as it can cause septic issues.

Trap Cam

Being out further from the city, there’s some wildlife and I enjoy trying to capture images of it on my Trap Cam. Some notable images: