Spice Mix

Qty (Imp) Qty (Met) Ingredient kCal
1/2 tsp   whole cumin seeds  
1/4 tsp   red pepper flakes  
1/8 tsp   black peppercorns  
1/8 tsp   cardamom seeds (take seeds out of pods)  
3/4-inch   stick of cinnamon  
1/2 tsp   mustard seeds  
1 /4 tbsp   whole fenugreek seeds  
1 1/2 tbsp   white wine vinegar  
1/2 tsp   salt  
1 tsp   light brown sugar  
1/2 medium   onions, peeled and sliced into half-rings 22


Qty (Imp) Qty (Met) Ingredient kCal
1 tsp   coconut oil 39
1/4 cup   water  
1/2 lbs.   boneless lamb, cut into 1-inch cubes, aggresively trimmed of fat 600
3.5oz 100g peas 81
1.75oz 50g potato 45
1/4-inch cube   fresh ginger, peeled and coarsely chopped  
1/4 small whole head garlic cloves separated and peeled      
1/4 tbsp   ground coriander  
1/8 tsp   ground tumeric  
1/4/ cup   instant rice 11

Total 887

1) Sautee/steam onion with the absolute minimum amount of oil in a heavy pan. i managed to do this with less than a tsp of oil. Once its nicely browned turn it into a paste; I used mortar & pestle but a food processor would work nicely.

2) While dealing with the onions, mix all the spices from the spice mix together and grind them in your spice grinder. Once the onions are done, mix this all together and let them sit.

3) Once the onions add another 1/2-1 tsp coconut oil and brown the lamb chunks. They shouldn’t have a lot of fat left of their own so be careful not to let them char to the bottom of your pan, but a nice thick fond should develop across the bottom of the pan.

4) While browning the meat you can grind together the garlic and the ginger.

5) Once you’ve browned all the meat, set it aside. Add the garlic and ginger and some water to the pan and begin the deglazing process. You may need to use a tool to help the fond come up a little. Over-adding water, however, won’t be a deal breaker.

6) Once the fond has mostly come unstuck, add the onions & spice mix and stir to mix all the spices together. Let that simmer for a little bit on low heat then mix in the coriander and turmeric.

7) Once all the sauce ingredients are mixed together, add the lamb back in. Cover and put your pan in the oven at 375. Bake for an 40 minutes. Stir occasionally.

8) After the time has elapsed, add the potatoes and peas. Stir in well. Cover again and put back. Bake another 20 minutes.

If you’re taking it on the trail, let it cool over night. You may be able to pick out a few bits of congealed fat though I didn’t have any. To dehydrate separate the lamb back out and shred/chop it into thin chunks. This makes dehydration more effective. Put the peas, potatoes and sauce on their own trays in the dehydrator.

Derived from this recipe:http://www.wearenotmartha.com/2010/09/project-food-blog-2-lamb-vindaloo-garlic-naan-and-indian-chai-tea/