Day 1:

  • Alaska Air 4, SEA => DCA. Uneventful.
  • Blue line from DCA to the Washington Marriott at Metro Center.
  • Dinner at MXDC. Decent. Very fruity white sangria. Pollo enchilladas.

Day 2:

  • National Zoo. Good. Clearly an older zoo being reclaimed. Outdoor spaces are pretty nice. Indoor had a trend towards depressing.
  • National Musem of Natural History. Not so good. A lot of taxidermy and skeletons. Some interesting info. A very nice geology section that was overly busy (probably because of the Hope Diamond).
  • Dinner at &pizza. Pizza was very good. Cereal Milk Cream Soda was ridiculous.

Day 3:

  • dirty chai @ Dolcezza
  • A walk through the mall
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • Arlington National Cemetary. Saw the Tomb of the Unknown and Kennedy‚Äôs grave site. A bit disappointed that I had to go through more security theater for a cemetary than I do getting on an airplane.
  • Dinner at District Taco

Day 4:

  • A quick cab ride to DCA
  • Alaska Air 1, DCA => SEA

Various photos from the days can be found on SmugMug